Vol 53 No 3 (April 2021)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please note that Issues 3 and 4 of Volume 53 were meant to have been published in 2020 along with Issues 1 and 2. However, due to COVID-19, publication of Issues 3 and 4 was delayed until 2021. Therefore, the date of publication for Volume 53, Issues 1 and 2 is 2020 and for Volume 53, Issues 3 and 4 is 2021. These are the dates that ought to be used when citing articles from those issues.


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Daniel Del Gobbo, “Feminism in Conversation: Campus Sexual Violence and the Negotiation Within” pp 591–650
Citation info: (2021) 53:3 UBC L Rev 591

Colton Fehr, “Criminal Law & Digital Technologies: Drawing Lessons from the Canadian and American Experiences” pp 651–700
Citation info: (2021) 53:3 UBC L Rev 651

Jennifer Kusz, “Assessing Obscenity: A Legal Realism Interpretation of the Legal Standards for Obscenity” pp 701–54
Citation info: (2021) 53:3 UBC L Rev 701

Anna Jane Lund, “Tenant Protections in Mobile Home Park Closures” pp 755–834
Citation info: (2021) 53:3 UBC L Rev 755

Stéphane Sérafin, “Gifts and Contracts: A Comparison with Quebec Civil Law” pp 835–82
Citation info: (2021) 53:3 UBC L Rev 835

Kerry Wilkins, “The Road Not Taken: Reserving Lands for Exclusive Indigenous Use and Occupation” pp 883–956
Citation info: (2021) 53:3 UBC L Rev 883