Katherine Beaty Chiste, “The Origins of Modern Restorative Justice: Five Examples from the English-Speaking World”

Working Abstract

In five English-speaking democracies, restorative justice initiatives have been developing for the last 30 years as additions, responses, and challenges to existing legal processes for handling criminality, dispute resolution, and social conflict. But the change agents and ideas which first set restorative justice in motion are varied: indigenous politics and economic reform in New Zealand; innovative criminology and police creativity in Australia; faith-based, Aboriginal, and judicial activism in Canada; multiple sources in the United Kingdom including – prominently – internal U.K. politics; and in the United States church, community, and Native American cultural revival. This paper will identify the multiple “points of entry” into the five justice systems of restorative justice experiments and the sources of restorative ideas which are self-identified by the early adopters.

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