SSRN Policy

SSRN Policy for Accepted Papers

The UBC Law Review wishes to encourage the rapid worldwide dissemination of the scholarly works accepted for publication in our journal. Mindful of the increasingly important role played by the Social Science Research Network (“SSRN”) in this regard, we have decided to adopt a more permissive policy concerning publication of accepted articles on SSRN.

We request that all authors wishing to publish their work on SSRN observe the following guidelines:

Draft Accepted Papers

  1. Authors may post draft versions of their articles in whatever format they wish.
  2. Draft versions must be clearly marked as such and must be accompanied by a notice disclosing that the final version will be published in the U.B.C. Law Review.

Final Published Papers

  1. Authors may post final versions of their articles, provided they are identical in all respects to the article as it appears in the print version of the U.B.C. Law Review. We will, upon request, provide authors with an electronic file satisfying this criteria.
  2. Final versions must be accompanied by a citation to the U.B.C. Law Review.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please feel free to contact us.