Special Issue Policy

UBC Law Review Special Issues

The UBC Law Review Society publishes the UBC Law Review, one of Canada’s leading peer-reviewed legal journals. We typically publish three issues per volume of the Law Review annually. In some years, we publish a fourth special issue in collaboration with a Guest Editor on a specific topic or area of law.

The UBC Law Review Society welcomes special issue proposals on all topics that stimulate debate and encourage discussion on the current state of the law. We are particularly interested in topics relating to the law in Canada, and especially British Columbia.

We have put together a comprehensive Special Issue Policy to provide prospective Guest Editors with more information on the processes associated with publishing a special issue with the UBC Law Review, and guidelines on how to submit a proposal. We kindly ask that any prospective Guest Editors read this document in full prior to submitting a proposal. Click here to download the Special Issue Policy. If you have any questions after reviewing the document, please do not hesitate to contact us at lawrevubc@gmail.com.

Submitting a Proposal

Unfortunately, we will not be accepting Special Issue Proposals for the 2021-2022 academic year as we are busy catching up on delays resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. We will likely begin accepting proposals again in Fall 2022.

For ease of process in considering proposals for special issues, all Guest Editors will be required to make a formal submission using our Special Issue Proposal form. Click here to download the special issue proposal form.

Once a proposal is received, the UBC Law Review Society will review it and take a preliminary vote as to whether it is of interest to the journal. We expect to be able to provide the prospective Guest Editor with this decision within about a month after the deadline for submitting proposals has passed.

A proposal that has been preliminarily accepted is subject to receiving sufficient draft articles to move ahead with publication. A minimum number of draft articles must be confirmed in accordance with our timelines, at which time the UBC Law Review Society will vote to confirm publication and begin the review process.
Please submit your proposal to lawrevubc@gmail.com with the subject line “Special Issue Proposal”.