Michela Fiorido, “Moral Rights and Mods: Protecting Integrity Rights in Video Games”

Working Abstract

In highlighting some of the struggles of enforcing moral rights in the Digital Age,
this paper explores how video game modifications have the potential to infringe on
the integrity rights of game authors. It also explores the injustice involved in
discriminating between technological works such as video games and traditional
works such as paintings in the exclusion of moral rights. By describing some of the
types of widely available offensive modifications such as rape “mini-games” while
also expanding upon more helpful mods such as restorative game patches, this
paper attempts to strike a fair solution in balancing user’s rights and author’s rights.
Moral rights, although currently largely ignored and often met with skepticism,
certainly have a place in interactive entertainment. They must be included in such a
way as to prevent the degradation of culture, branding, and authors’ rights, while
still recognizing that the public also has certain rights to deal with the content in

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