2017-2018 Recruitment: Join the UBC Law Review!

Apply now to become an Assistant Editor for the UBC Law Review, one of Canada's leading peer-reviewed law journals! By joining the UBC Law Review, you will have the chance to practice your legal research skills and help revise groundbreaking legal scholarship.

To apply, please email your cover letter and resume to lawrev@interchange.ubc.ca by 5:00pm on Monday, September 18th.

For more information, you can download our UBCLR Assistant Editor Info Sheet, stop by one of our Info Sessions during Allard Orientation: August 30th and August 31st at 3:45 PM in Room 123, and visit our table during Allard Clubs Day on September 7th at lunchtime and chat with a current Law Review Board Member.

If you have questions, please send us an email. Thank you for your interest in the UBC Law Review!